Ing. Tomáš Tragan, Ph.D., MIFireE

Director of the risk management department

Tomáš Tragan has been working for RENOMIA as Director of Risk Management Dpt. since 2004. He has a technical university degree in environmental protection and industrial safety. It actively participates in risk inspections and consultancy for major clients in the Czech Republic and abroad, including risk inspections of the largest companies.

He has been in charge of risk management since 1998. He has been working as a risk analyst at the LabRisk at the university. Until today he teacher risk analysis at the VŠB-​TUO, Faculty of Safety Engineering. He is the author of several professional publications and has participated in a number of international Leonardo da Vinci and Phare projects. Prior to joining RENOMIA he worked as an EEA Manager at ON Semiconductor Czech Republic. Tomáš Tragan has extensive experience in analyzing and managing risk and emergency planning in various industries.

Tomas Tragan was the first Czech to be accepted as a member of the Institute of Fire Engineers in Great Britain. Membership in this prestigious international expert organization, whose members are selected fire protection experts from around the world, gives him the right to use the MIFireE title and endorse his expertise at international level. As a risky engineer with expertise in fire protection recognized by this international institution, RENOMIA's credit risk department and its risk reports and analyzes prepared for RENOMIA clients increase significantly.