RENOMIA Bulgaria won two awards at Lev Ins event

The annual gathering for brokers organized by Insurance company “Lev Ins” took place on 19 Apr 2018 at Bedroom Premium Club in Sofia. The theme of this year’s event was “Insurance Oscars” and the special “Gold” dresscode added to the glamorous evening. Guests walked the red carpet and enjoyed the atmosphere of one of the trendy nightlife clubs in Sofia. Several “Oscars” in various categories were awarded to the best brokers. Our Bulgarian branch won two Oscars – for “High-​tech assets” and “Best partner in Property Damage insurance”. A “Weekend in Italy” was the surprising addition to the “High-​tech assets” prize. Colleagues from our reinsurance broker Synergy also joined the party and shared the joy.

In terms of GWP insurance company “Lev Ins” is the second largest insurer on the Bulgarian market with 204.5 million BGN.