RENOMIA BENEFIT – employee benefit programmes

Insurance and financial products at preferential rates for our clients and their employees


It is a well-​known fact that satisfied employees with high-​quality on good benefits are more loyal to their employer. 

Our experienced RENOMIA BENEFIT professionals provide consulting services to corporations and individuals and offer competitive insurance solutions tailored to your unique needs. We aim to save our clients' costs and time.  Through our programmes, your employees will have access to special insurance and financial products - not commonly offered on the market - to keep them motivated and loyal.

RENOMIA BENEFIT services are enjoyed by many major employers, their managers and employees, professional chambers and associations.
Pracovníci pobočky RENOMIA v Brně v kavárně kancelářské budovy

RENOMIA BENEFIT programmes for: 

Executive management 

  • personalized service and consultations for executive managers and members of governing bodies
  • specialized products and premium service

Groups of employees

  • insurance solutions for groups of employees
  • tax optimization, derogatory clauses, preferential rates

Individual employees

  • products and services for individuals and employees, online portal, financial literacy education
  • insurance, mortgages, loans, investments

What does RENOMIA BENEFIT expertise give you? 

Savings of up to 40%

We will review all your existing policies and contracts and offer special products at business rates. Just photocopy your contract and send it to:

Contract monitoring

Did you know that contracts have an anniversary? If you catch it in time, you can renegotiate for better terms and conditions. And we offer to do this for you. We monitor your contract anniversaries and get you the best the market has to offer.

Claims settlement assistance

Have a claim and not happy with the settlelment? Leave it to our claims adjusters. They will handle everything with your best interest in mind.

How does it work?


Analysis of your employee benefit programme and risks  Recommendingthe most suitablestrategy for your company  Managing the implementation and communication with employees Regular updates of the programme  Consulting and claim settlement support for your HR and employees  End-​to-​end administration including reporting 01 02 03 06 05 04


We will take a look at your situation and needs We will propose a solution that best fits your needs We will arrange for the best deals on the market We monitor contract anniversaries so that you will always enjoy the best terms  We support you during the settlement of complex claims 01 02 03 05 04
Martin Loubr, ředitel RENOMIA BENEFIT

Looking for a comprehensive employee benefit programme or want to equire about what we can do for you in this respect? Contact  RENOMIA BENEFIT

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