RENOMIA Supports KOMETA FEST 2015in Brno

As a long-​standing partner of the Kometa youth hockey club in Brno, RENOMIA supported a new charity project, the Kometa Endowment Fund, becoming one of the partners for the first year of the multigenre family music festival, KOMETA FEST 2015.

The festival took place on Saturday 14 February 2015 at the Rondo Hall in Brno, with the programme including exclusive performances by such names as Richard Müller, Xindl X, Škwor, Vypsaná fixa, Dark Gamballe and Děda Mládek Illegal Band. During the children’s afternoon, players from Kometa’s first team signed autographs, and there was a kids' disco and lots of entertaining competitions.

RENOMIA will continue to support interesting events of this kind whose aim, as charity events, is to provide support for the education of children. The proceeds from this festival’s debut year went in support of a centre for children with autism.