RENOMIA participates in its third Teribear Moves Prague event: RENOMIA team runs and walks the distance of 2,356km

Saturday 16 September saw the culmination of the 10-​day charity event Teribear Moves Prague. At Vítkov park i Prague, participants of the event ran and walked over 226,286km a contributed 11.3 million crowns, which is 3.4 million more than last year, to the Tereza Maxova Foundation. The money will go mainly towards programmes to help abused children, pregnant mothers at risk or on families in need. RENOMIA is a long-​time partner of the Foundation and Charity Run.

For each kilometer walked or ran, the event sponsors donated CZK 50 to the Tereza Maxová Foundation. And RENOMIA could not miss it! Almost 90 co-​workers descended on Vítkov to help a good cause and they clocked up a respectable 2,356km, which is approximately the distance from Prague to Sofia and back. RENOMIA has won the ninth place in the total ranking of dozens of teams, with sixth place among the companies! Thanks to our team effort, we were able to donate nearly CZK 118,000 to the foundation.

The charity run also attracted many of the family members of our co-​workers – they came in droves to run and walk during the whole weekend. The record in RENOMIA colors is credited to Dušan Šebek (362km and a contribution CZK 18,120) and Alena Foltýnová (202km and a contribution of CZK 10,080), both from RENOMIA Prague branch.