Jirina Nepalová Lady Receives Pro 2014 award

Jiřina Nepalová, founder and CEO of RENOMIA, a.s., received the prestigious Lady Pro 2014 award in Prague Castle's Spanish Hall.

The title is awarded every year by the Comenius Pan-​European Society for Culture, Education and Scientific and Technical Cooperation on the occasion of declaring the hundred best companies in the Czech Republic, the "Czech 100 Best".

The honorary title of Lady Pro goes to women who are among the best in their managerial, business, political, sport, artistic or other important activities. They are women who have achieved exceptional success while managing to remain glamorous women in the everyday demands of their work. Aside from the Lady Pro 2014 award, this year Jiřina Nepalová also placed on the Hospodářské noviny TOP 25 women in Czech business ranking, as well as on the ranking of the fifty most influential women in the Czech Republic by Forbes magazine.
 "I highly appreciate the Lady Pro award and I am naturally also pleased by my placing on the other rankings as well. It is not only an acknowledgement of my work, but of that of all my colleagues at RENOMIA, thanks to whom we can offer our clients the best services," says Jiřina Nepalová, CEO and founder of RENOMIA, a.s.

Jiřina Nepalová numbers among the most successful Czech managers, entrepreneurs and recognised domestic insurance experts. She is sought-​after as a consultant for private and public organisations, as well as a member of the presidium of the Association of Czech Insurance Brokers and the administrative board of the Endowment Fund for the Promotion of Education in the Insurance Industry. She has worked in the insurance industry since 1978 and founded the insurance brokerage company RENOMIA, a.s. in 1993.